Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nope, I'll never grow up.

I know it might look like I am off to a bad start with the lack of posting, but this is not true.  It is hard to bake cookies, wrap presents, and type at the same time.  I am only 1 person okay?

With that said.

I turned 27 last week.  It occurred to me yesterday that when my brother was 27, I thought he was old.  But I don't feel old now.  I told Kelly I don't feel like a grown up, and he said "Your parents aren't grown ups either".  So I guess I never really have to grow up.  I had a really good birthday, too.  I made my first loaf of totally home made roasted garlic bread.  If that's not a good birthday I don't know what is.  And it's also easier when your birthday present is a new mixer :)

 And that awesome looking dish that's covered in cheese is Kelly's specialty -- cavatinni :)

Cheers to another birthday :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pictures from my ... phone?

I usually just refer to my phone as my camera. This is not an ad for my carrier, or for the people who made my phone. It just has a really, really good camera, and I use it more often for pictures than phone calls.

When you have a camera/phone like mine, you get pictures like these :)

Our first garden - Summer 2010

Sangre de Cristos - August 2010

Fourmile Canyon Fire - Sep. 2010

Daisy keeping an eye on the roosters

Smoking salmon in Arizona

Friday, December 10, 2010

Time for some Jack

I absolutely love Jack Johnson. I think he is a true artist. If you made me choose any musician to listen to forever, I'd choose Jack in a heartbeat. So you may see a lot of him here :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

And so she begins...

Finally, my first post!! I created the blog weeks ago (thought of the name and didn't want anyone to steal if before I got know, the stress of it) but then it has just been sitting, waiting for me to use it. And here I am!

I created this blog because life has changed a lot recently, and I want to be able to keep track of it. I love looking at old pictures and letters and things of that nature, so now I can keep track of it all in this spot. And I want to be able to share all the fun stuff with anyone who wants to keep up with what life has for me :)

I do know that everything life has in store for me is in that picture right there. This is my family. That stud on the left is Kelly. I could fill an entire blog with all the things Kelly means to me but I'll just keep it short and say he is pretty awesome :) The black thing is our dog, Daisy. She's a mutt. A very good mutt.

We just moved to Penrose, Colorado, where the sun shines an average of 351 days a year. Just an example of what most of the houses around here are like ... our next door neighbors have 30 hens, 7 roosters, 2 turkeys, and a duck. I've learned that roosters don't just crow in the morning. They crow all. day. long. But it doesn't bother me at all. Next year we will have chickens, from there, goats, and then I can only imagine the things we will do with this place. It has tons of potential and we are going to get all we can out of it, while putting back in at the same time.

I love this place so much I want to hug it :)